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Friday, December 26, 2014

Escape to The Movies: AMERICAN SNIPER

It kinda sucks. Sorry, Clint.

ALSO: Can Justin Lin save the STAR TREK movies?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

BIG PICTURE: Top Ten Movies of 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc. Here's a top ten list:

Sunday, December 21, 2014


I took a little vacation. This still came out, though.

ALSO: The two-part penultimate episode of ADVENTURES OF THE GAME OVERTHINKER is going to be the last "Mailbag" show, so head over to The Other Blog and ask your questions now!

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Shameless Exercise in What I Grudgingly Accept is Technically "Fan-Fiction"

In case you hadn't heard, Sony Pictures wants to get their hands on the movie-rights to SUPER MARIO BROS. For what I should hope are obvious reasons, this is a terrible idea that I hope doesn't come to pass - at least not under the (of late) visionless Avi Arad or the current water-treading regime at Sony.

However! If this is some kind of indication that Nintendo is finally back to a point where they're willing to talk about licensing for Hollywood movies? I like the sound of that. It's time. Video game movies are probably the next big substrata of popular culture to mine after comics, and it's consistently depressing to see the adaptation focus being on currently-hot-but-who-can-say properties like HALO or ASSASSIN'S CREED or whatever while the actual titans of the medium sit by untouched (yes, WARCRAFT comes from storied stock, but it's still absurd that it gets to be a movie before ZELDA does.)

The one thing that disheartens me about the Sony/Mario rumor (apart from the obvious) is that the plan was apparently to make an animated franchise out of it. Sorry, no thanks. Not that I have anything against animation - quite the opposite, in fact - but more that it doesn't feel like the "event" that an authentic Mario feature deserves. Simply put: Mario has been animated, either as a sprite or as a TV cartoon, for as long as the series has existed. This is one of the biggest icons in modern popular-culture - the Mickey Mouse of video-games - he and his world deserve to "come to life" as big and extravagantly as, say, THE AVENGERS did.

I've been imagining what a live-action Mario would be like for decades - usually in-earnest in response to the somewhat perplexing idea that the property can't possibly work in live-action (and yet somehow Oz, Narnia, Wonderland, Middle Earth, Asgard etc have worked just fine?) So I figured it was time to sit down and actually type out an off-the-cuff version of how I'd pitch this project if I ever got the chance, rather than reciting pieces of it whenever the topic comes up.

This will probably be a long'un, so hit the jump for it:

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Friday, November 21, 2014

What Do The People Want?

Let's not mince words: While I'm busier right now than I've ever been in terms of producing content and publishing work, you wouldn't know it to look at these blogs.

In a lot of ways, social media has replaced the personal blog as a way to get one's work out onto the web - there's no way I would've seen the growth in web presence, visibility and professional connections I've had over the last two years in the pre-Twitter era; and while I'm immensely grateful for it I do feel like something has been lost (from me and from other folks) in terms of permanence and a "hub" for interacting with fans (or with cretins who just show up to cause trouble - sometimes that's fun too.)

I'm in the process of changing that.

As you may know, the current version of the Game OverThinker - my current main "creator-owned" project - is coming to an end (a little more slowly than I had hoped, because complications spring eternal) and will be re-launched sometime in early to mid 2015 as a newer, more ambitious creation possibly entailing more than one ongoing production. But I've also come to the decision that I want to produce more independent content related to topics other than video games - that I want to establish a presence (primarily but not exclusively through YouTube and/or similar venues) where my voice is my own, top to bottom.

And that likely means establishing a site of my own.

Not "just" a blog, but a space where I can manage and catalog all of my work for ease of access, so that (for example) folks who find me via Game OverThinker can immediately and easily also find my work for The Escapist, my independent videos and articles, my social media presence, etc. I don't 100% know what form that site will take (I'll probably have to engage the services of a site-builder and/or maintainer - though this is NOT a solicitation for that job) and I'm not 100% sure how I want to run/fund it (Patreon is obviously an option, but I'm not ready to pull that trigger yet.)

BUT! Just to get some feelers out there: What would you, folks who read these blogs or follow me or my work in various spaces, like to see in such a space? I mean both in terms of content - would you like to see longer-form movie reviews? Retro-reviews? Commentaries? Game reviews? Let's plays? Vlogs? Comedy business? You tell me. I can't promise I'll do every single thing people want me to do (and I have some ideas of my own, already) but it'd be nice to see what the general mood is.

So, fire away!

Friday, November 07, 2014

Escape to The Movies: BIG HERO 6

It's a winner.

ALSO: Spoilerific pieces laying out why INTERSTELLAR doesn't work... GO!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Escape to The Movies (Early!): INTERSTELLAR

Sorry, not very good.

Better news? You'll be getting another episode on Friday in the usual spot.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Escape to The Movies: OUIJA

Yeah, I know. Nobody cares. But this is what happens when your publishing schedule is bound up in "week of release" embargoes.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


So. It's time to let fans, followers, readers etc know where things stand and are going with these blogs and my general web presence (after you check the latest update, of course)...

Escape to The Movies: JOHN WICK

ALSO: The Real Ghostbusters, BIRDMAN and The Great Pumpkin

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Long Collection of Thoughts About #GamerGate

NOTE: This was originally a piece that was intended for publication elsewhere. Length, however, became an issue (a shorter, "to the point" version is in-production). But I still wanted a "one-stop" source for my positions on the Recent Unpleasantness as a whole, because it helps make certain social-media interactions mercifully shorter.

I have a lot to say about the so-called “GamerGate” controversy, much of which I’ve already said but much of which I’d wanted the opportunity to say with more clarity. So to keep this from running too long (Spoiler Warning: I will almost certainly run too long, anyway) and losing your interest I’m going to forego the use of flowery “clever” segues between thoughts and lay this out categorically.

But if you’re impatient to get down into the comments and start debating what variety of heated-adhesive and which species of fowl would be best suited to my tarring and feathering and want the TL;DR version right-off? Fine: I think of GamerGate alternately as a joke that got infuriatingly out-of-hand and an outright campaign of hate and harassment either dense (or pretending to be dense) enough to think itself otherwise; and it’s goals (both stated and implied) are the exact opposite of the self-betterment that gaming desperately needs - and was (not accidently) right in the midst of achieving when this foolishness started. In short, I find it to be a wholly destructive thing with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

That’s the short version. If you want the long one, keep reading.

Escape to The Movies: FURY

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

(STILL) Under Construction

Alright. Starting to get back on track here.

Here's a review of "THE SIMPSONS GUY" crossover...

...and also THE EQUALIZER.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Those who follow me on social media are no doubt aware that this particular Autumn is a busy time for me: Lots of work stuff, lots of family/personal stuff, all of it putting a certain premium on my time. In addition, I'm working toward a "revamping" of my blogosphere presence that will likely mean a rejiggering of my site(s) in general, but that's down the road.

In either case, I remain sorry for the lack of updates and can only assure followers/fans that I'm working to change course on that. Until then, here's this week's ETTM.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


h/t Badass Digest

You've probably heard of ChristianMingle.com, but if not it's exactly what it sounds like: A niche dating site for Christian folks. Other than deriving a laugh here and there from their Hallmark-earnest TV commercials, I got no problem with that sort of thing existing... but I'm not sure it's something that requires a movie to advertise itself.

But, here we are.