Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Just a few thoughts...

...About tonight's "State of The Union." I won't be watching live (I'll catch the news reruns later,) partly because I've got stuff to do, and also because I want to be in a more evening-like, non-cynical mood to watch what promises to be the surreal spectacle of a U.S. President spending most of the rundown of American democracy's "state" instead talking about the state of the new Iraqi democracy. Also, really, watching Bush struggle through a speech without any comical mispeak is sort of like watching Clinton struggle through the same without any comical mistruth, it's just kinda hard for me to take live.

But, before I go out, just four thoughts I think we all need to keep in mind these days:

1.) Having voted for Bush does not make you "moral."

2.) Having voted for Kerry does not make you "intelligent."

3.) The "red states" are not "The Heartland of America"...

4.) ...anymore than the "blue states" are "The Brainland of America."