Friday, February 11, 2005

More Mel Gibson Nuttiness...

The common misonception about folks, like myself, who see evidence that something may be "wrong" with Mel Gibson given his behavior surrounding his film "The Passion" is that the "charge" is motivated exclusively by some kind of negative-regard for his religious beliefs. Speaking for myself, this is not the case. Gibson's public-persona has always been as a star always a little "on the edge," but this past year it's trended into territory that's making him look less and less "wacky" and more and more "in need of help."

And now we have this most recent story, as reported by those good fellows over at CHUD:

Here's whats going on: Gibson and his distributors, in a smart business move, are planning to re-release "The Passion" to theaters for the Easter season, hoping to start some kind of yearly-tradition thing. Harmless enough...

But here's the thing... it's not the same movie that played earlier in the year. Gibson went back an recut it to be less-violent, apparently in the hopes that it would be more accesible to younger audiences. The MPAA, however, slapped his new cut with an R-rating all over again; which only makes sense because it's not possible to make The Passion into a PG-13.

Mel, however, seems fully convinced that the new cut is indeed more family-friendly and that it's something that those families NEED to see, so he's releasing the new cut Unrated, (the designation usually reserved for the more violent cut of a film,) rather than let the MPAA put the "R" on it.

Let's just put aside for a moment the notion that Gibson (and alot of his supporters) seems to think that the film's "message" is so important for the very young to witness feel that a recut is necessary. Lets also put aside the absurdity of thinking that a few minutes of recuts can possibly render a film as gruesome as "Passion" suitable for anything but an R-rating.

Does this not just sack of plain old NUTTY behavior? One of the BIG sub-stories of the movie was the phenomenon of parents and churches dragging their young ones to a feature-length torture-film. Does Gibson really believe that many people who skipped the film did so because it was just slighty too violent for them, and that a few moments of missing bloodspray will fix the issue? Exactly how far out of touch with reality is he, at this point?

PREDICTION: This won't be the last we hear of this. Dollars to donuts (figuratively speaking) the next shoe to drop will be "Passion"-devotees claiming that the new cut MUST have been good enough for a PG-13 but the eeeeeevil secular/jewish/gay/liberal cabal that "controls Hollywood" still gave it an R just to prevent more people from being exposed to it's evangelizing powers.

It'll happen, just wait and see :)