Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oscar Punditry Roundup

Let's just say it: The show was good, but predictable and nothing Earth-shatteringly interesting happened. I really don't have much more to say about it than what I posted last night right afterwards, but as expected a score of entertainment pundits were out in force to post their views on the show as a whole; and some of these I do indeed have something to say about. So let's get to it...

AICN's Harry Knowles weighed in on the show today, and like myself he's mad-as-hell about the short-shrift given to the technical awards in the "new format" this year. It's a tangent, but it's a passionate one:

Speaking of angry, the "Passion" boosters are still trying to spin righteous talking points out of a controversy that just hasn't materialized for most of us... the public at large just isn't all that upset that a C-list actor getting whipped in a Jesus costume was deemed unworthy of a Best Picture nominee. Still, Bozell and company as a culture-critics have refined grasping at straws to the stature of a martial-art, and so here presents his scathing indictment of the evening: The audience applause sounded a little louder, apparently, for Chris Rock's jokes about "Fahrenheit 9/11" than for Chris Rock's jokes about "The Passion." Bozell's "Media Research Center" apparently finds this to be of such incredible importance that it made the top-entry of their latest "Cyberalerts" posting:

Another unhappy fellow is Dr. James Hirsen. Yes, the Dr. James Hirsen. What? Never heard of him? Wow, what a surprise :)

Hirsen is basically an E!/National Inquirer-style celebrity/Hollywood gossip journalist with not one but TWO regular columns on the Far-Right website Newsmax.com. His schtick is covering the same "juicy" Hollywood scandal-rag stories as every other entertainment psuedo-journalist out there, but slanting every story towards "proving" his belief that the creative community is swarming with Weirdos and Freaks who (no doubt) need more Church in their lives. His thoughts on the show:

Money quote: "But after hearing from countless numbers of folks, I suspect Rock's attempts did nothing to assuage the rage that people felt regarding the disgraceful dismissal of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."

"Rage?" Folks, if you or anyone else is feeling anything that could be described as rage over the lack of "Passion" nominations, then you really need to sit back and take stock of your priorities. Those of you who would define yourselves as Christians may want to consider what Christ might have thought about His followers feeling rage about a crappy movie based on His death being denied a trophy. You may even want to reaquaint yourself with His actual philosophy and teachings on the subject of priorities, rage, etc... though you'll have to rent a different movie because none of that was considered worthwhile for inclusion in "The Passion."

And hey, were you wondering what Robin Williams putting that peice of tape over his mouth was all about? Well, turns out that the show's producers had nixed Williams' plan to sing a song trashing James Dobson and other so-called "conservative" religious leaders who'd been attacking cartoon characters for appearing in a schoolroom "pro-tolerance" video that they feared might inspire the coming generation to disregard the Christian Right's hatred of gays:

Of course, as you saw, Williams proceeded to rip the tape off of his mouth and got in his digs at the Culture Warriors' expense in spoken-word form. Bravo to you, Mr. Williams.

More of these little vignettes of punditry as I find `em, but that's all for now...