Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Our Freedom: Under attack from ALL sides

Those of you who beleive that the insidious efforts to increase censorship of art, film, television and radio by the government are solely the efforts of "conservatives" or the Religious "right" need to wake up. Censors come in all political stripes, and we forget that at our mutual peril.

Case in point: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. The likely-frontrunner for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination has come out HARD as a pro-censorship advocate:,0,1268343.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork

Money quote: "the senator argued the public health was threatened by increasingly raw media content."


Give me a moment on this one.



Again, never ever forget this one simple fact: There has never ever been a single shred of hard evidence to support the idea that any creation of art or media has ever or will ever exist that is automatically-detrimental to health or well-being. There's no movie that will ALWAYS "make" kids shoot up a school, no metal song that will ALWAYS "make" you slit your wrists, etc. THESE THINGS ARE MYTHOLOGY. THEY DO NOT EXIST.


Here's another: "As First Lady, Clinton pushed for better controls over what children see through the so-called V-chip law, which made it easier for parents keep inappropriate television shows away from young eyes. The problem has gotten more complicated since then, she argued, due to the easy availability of salacious Internet sites, hard-edged video games, and all the other electronic devices now available to children. "

Getting the idea of what's going on here? Clinton knows that she's considered too "far left," and that to win the presidency which she desires so greatly she's looking to move "to the right" on an issue to make herself more palatable to moderates and, especially, religiously-minded voters. Calling for increased censorship and decrying media sex and violence has across the board appeal to enemies of personal freedom on both sides of the aisle: The religious far-right likes it because they regard the post-sexual-revolution media age as "sinful," and the far-left likes it because to "police" the culture would require an large government beaurocracy and greater federal control of what people are allowed to see and here.

When it comes to beating back and ultimately defeating censorship, you can't trust conservatives OR liberals.

"Clinton and fellow senators Sam Brownback, R-Kan., Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., and Rick Santorum, R-Penn., want the government to closely study the impact of media on the development of young children."

Take a look at that list: Lieberman is the most prominent pro-censorship politician in America, the former running mate of Al Gore, husband of censor-crazed lionheart Tipper Gore. Santorum is a gay-bashing, virulently "traditionalist" right-wing stalwart. The efforts to control what we're allowed to see and say cross all party lines and all boundaries.

Mark my words on this: Support for increased censorship of TV and film will be one of Sen. Clinton's MAJOR campaign issues, as it's the one thing she supports that moderates and conservatives can get behind.

So yes, fear and beware the Religious Right when it comes to censorship and the first ammendment, but fear ALSO the Big Government Left.


Anne said...

I love that Sen Clinton mentions "Grand Theft Auto" - a video game that is rated M for Mature, ages 17+. Perhaps what we need is not a study of the effect of violence/sex/etc. on children (again) or more censorship but a better method to get children away from lazy, neglectful parents! My almost 16-year-old has not played any M games, because he is not 17! It's easy parents: Just Say No.

Dumb Poet said...

You are right on the money. I am a NYC based filmmaker and I voted for her for the senate. Now she make me want to hurl. I have always been and independent (until the independent party got co-opted by whackos) but the conservative climate in this country (supported by both side of the aisle) is getting a little frightening.
Keep bashing them!!!!!