Monday, May 23, 2005

Time Magazine's new Top 100 list

Time Magazine got it's main film critics, Richard Schickle and Richard Corliss, together to do yet another one of those "Top 100 Films" lists. By this point, these usually aren't all that interesting, as you're mostly just going to see the same 95 "mandatory classics" crop up alongside a sampling of 5-or-so "offbeat" picks over and over again. But this time, using their own subjective criteria and eschewing numerical rankings, Schickle and Corliss have come up with one of the better lists I've seen in a long while.

Check it out here:

The usual "shocker" with these is what gets left off the list, here the pleasant surprises are what got ON there: "Aguirre," "Drunken Master II," "The Fly," "Lord of The Rings," "Brazil," "Once Upon a Time in The West" and "A Touch of Zen" all made the cut, which is pretty darn cool if you were to ask me.