Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shameless Plug Alert

Just big "pretty please" to check out MovieBob's new sister-blog, "Geek Speak," at the following link:

"Geek Speak" will be an updated-when-necessary showcase for detailed columns intended as a public service. Namely, the public service of explaining the intricacies of Geek Culture trends to all the sometime-geeks and non-geeks out there.

Do you have friends, relatives or aquaintances who are geeks? Cinephiles? Trekkies? LARPers? Role-Players? MiSTies? Comic Book junkies? Gamers? Retro Gamers? Do you feel left out of the conversation sometimes? Want to know what the HELL they're talking about? Is there some big movie that seems to have people ALREADY jazzed up, and you want to know why? You need "GEEK SPEAK," where each column will cover a currently newsworthy aspect of Geek Culture and lay it out in plain english for YOUR benefit.

The innaugural column has just today gone up, with a detailed rundown of the all the terminology and hype in the rumors about the currently in-production film "Spider-Man 3." Why is the Spidey-fan in your life so invested? Who's this "Venom" they keep talking about? Why were people so excited when they saw Dylan Baker in #2? What's to become of the love story that won over the mainstream audience? Wonder no longer, friend...

That link again is:

If you've enjoyed MovieBob, I hope you'll enjoy this as well!