Sunday, May 14, 2006

An Inconvenient Spoof

This is the trailer to Al Gore's movie about global warming:
"The most TERRIFYING FILM you will ever see!" "If you love you're planet, if you love you're children... you MUST SEE THIS FILM!" Have you ever seen such hyperbole and self-aggrandizment? Does Gore not realize that his very presence is bound to make people take the issue less seriously?

After seeing it, I couldn't resist doing THIS:

And here's the link incase YouTube's player don't work for you:


Wesley said...

hahahahahahahahaha HIGHlarious keep up the good work. Hey heres an idea Jack Thompson mixed with the Punisher(murder mayhem! All in the name of keeping kiddies from becoming "Macnchurian Canidate" as he called them. Or Pat Robertson, Saint of Killers(jsut to tempting not to do a Preacher refrence)

curiousgeorge said...

Don't you find it amazing that we make light of the most serious thing and take seriously the stupidest and most trivial things?