Thursday, September 21, 2006

Atlas Shrugged: The Movie

It's official, put it to bed, the issue is settled:

Angelina Jolie is perfect.

Pictured above: God, or at least evidence there of.

From Variety, courtest JoBlo, comes the news that the Oscar-winning actress, activist, rescuer of third-world orphans and newly-annointed Queen of All MILFs is finally onboard a project she's been "circling" for awhile now, a big-screen adaptation of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged."

Jolie, apparently, is a fan of the book and it's author, the late founder of "Objectivism." Frankly, so am I. In fact, to my ears, the Variety headline here may as well read: "Chocolate to star in Peanut Butter: The Movie."

She'll (apparently) be taking the lead role of Dagny Taggart, a hands-on female railroad chief. Here's my personal favorite exchange from the novel, between Dagny and Cherryl, the new wife of her wormy brother (and double-crossing inter-office enemy) James, one of the baddies of the story. Dagny's response is, I think, all the explanation needed as to why an actress of Jolie's particular stature and history would seek out the part:

"There's something I want you to know," said Cherryl, her voice taut and harsh, "so that there won't be any pretending about it. I'm not going to put on the sweet relative act. I know what you've done to Jim and how you've made him miserable all his life. I'm going to protect him against you. I'll put you in your place. I'm Miss Taggart. I'm the woman in this family now."

"That's quite all right," said Dagny. "I'm the man."

Go on, TRY and name me one other current actress plausibly qualified to deliver that line.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit I am quite a fan of your posts over at Libertas. Love seeing you mix it up with Apuzzo and all the others.

And you're right. She's perfection.

Anonymous said...

I see this fits with your political identification of "Libertine", which judging by your posts could be summed up as a euphemism for "I think with my cock."

Bob said...

Easy to sling insults behind "Anonymous," isn't it?