Sunday, October 01, 2006

DragonForce! or "How'd I managed to miss THIS?"

I judge great music by how it makes you feel. Great Jazz should make you want to walk around "noticing" things. Great rock should make you want to dance. Great rap should make you want to dance... but defiantly, because Whitey has been keepin' you down all week.

Great metal, on the other hand, should make you want to grab your broadsowrd, climb to the top of the nearest mountain during the next available thunderstorm and challenge the demon gods of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire to glorious final combat.

With that in mind, I ask you... How is it that up until this week I had not been formally introduced to DragonForce??

I bought this album tonight after work, so... to anyone unlucky enough to share the road with me in the near future: I'm sorry, but this stuff makes me want to drive like there's a goddamn Orc Army on my tail ;)