Tuesday, October 03, 2006

UPDATE: indie theatre's "Jackass" protest-closing

A few corrections and clarifications before the saga of Greg Boardman, the independent theatre owner who closed down his theater ("with one of the finest sound systems in the world!" as he was sure to mention) in "protest" over the existance of "Jackass: Number 2", becomes old news.

FIRST: I neglected to note in the original posting that Mr. Boardman also counted "Beerfest" and "The Covenant" among the films that led him to temporarily shut down.

SECOND: Other outlets reported, and I repeated, erroneous information as to Mr. Boardman's buisness situation. The Lorraine Theater is located in Hoopeston, Illinois and not Northern California as had been said. The confusion arises because Mr. Boardman does LIVE in No. Cal and runs his business venture from there. So if you're looking to check out the Lorraine Theater (it has one of the finest sound systems in the world, y'know) you can do so in Hoopeston, Illinois.

THIRD: I'll never deny being a cynic at heart, but regarding my earlier postulation that this struck me as being more of a publicity stunt than a "protest of resistance" by Boardman since he's probably not being "forced" to screen these films as opposed to other ones, here's a clarifying quote from Boardman courtesy IMDB/Studio Briefing and the Chicago Tribune (boldface mine):

"I can fly back there anytime I want and show any movie I want. ... How man people can say they have their own movie theater and can do that?"

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