Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oscars 2006

Wuzza... Oscars? Oh, yeah... (Sorry, been knee-deep in "Twilight Princess" for a few days.)

Martin Scorsese won an Oscar, finally. And the movie won, too: A hard-nosed, no-bullshit, full-bore crime "genre flick" snags Best Picture versus a big, bloated Message Movie and a Sundance family pic. AND "Dreamgirls" LOST a whole mess of awards. In other words, the good guys won, the bad guys lost.

Also: Ellen? Great host. Funny. Should come back next year. One of those tasty-good "Dreamgirls" losses? Statue went to Melissa Etheridge instead. And so, for the fourth or fifth time today I say: "Thank God for the lesbians!"