Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Miyamoto / Time100 UPDATE!

Cool, exceedingly cool.

As of this time last night and holding, doubtlessly thanks to web-based get-out-the-vote "campaigns" like the one I posted here (and were posted all over the geekscape, it'd seem) Shigeru Miyamoto has risen to the #2 most-influential spot on Time Magazine's official "100 Most Influential People of The Year" list.

Good job, now keep it up! Here's a fresh link:

He's pulled ahead of JK Rowling, who for now sits comfortably at #3. In the #1 spot? Stephen Colbert. That's right, the respective creators of Harry Potter, the Super Mario Bros. and Tek Jansen currently lead for the gold, silver and bronze of worldwide-influence... well ahead of ANY politician, figurehead or policymaker on Earth.

Welcome to Planet Nerd. Official mood: Awesomeness.