Monday, April 09, 2007

Uwe Boll crosses "the line"

People, this is WHY you need to listen to the Geeks on these things.

For the last several years, the Geek Community has been trying to warn people about Uwe Boll, director of "House of The Dead," "Bloodrayne," "Alone in The Dark" and possibly the most singularly awful filmmaker working today. These warnings have been ignored and brushed-off, because after all "who cares" if some Z-list German filmmaker is making crummy adaptations of video games? After-all, screwing up an entry in a genre the mainstream holds boundless contempt for isn't regarded as any kind of cardinal sin to "most" filmgoers, critics, etc.; and the Geeks were just being "silly" when we called him EVIL.

For awhile now, Boll has been hyping up his latest disasterpeice, "Postal," by boasting that he was embracing ultimate shock-value by peppering the film with (among other things) "9-11 jokes." No one was really sure WHAT he actually meant by that... by now we have what is apparently the "leaked" opening to the movie courtesy popular anti-Boll website - depicting a World Trade Center window-washer getting wiped-out by the first plane. No, really.

Take a look, but you have been warned:

There's no secret to what's up here. Boll isn't talented, so he's angling for newsworthy controversy in order to get attention for another bad movie. It's natural to see this and get worked-up and call for boycotts, bans and the man's head... but he doesn't deserve the credit or the time. He's a despicable human being, something the Geek World has known for three movies and counting now, and he deserves only to continue getting what he's already BEEN getting: Hate and scorn from us, general indifference from the rest of you.