Thursday, May 03, 2007

How To Not Suck: A Simple Primer

Michael Bay, Tim Story, Brett Ratner, et al., please pay close attention to the following:

Pictured below, to the left: Marvel Comics superhero "Iron Man" as he is generally remembered during his more popular eras of publication. To the immediate right: "Iron Man," as he currently appears in the 'main' Marvel Universe, including the traditional (and, please note, still immediately-recognizable) armor re-worked to greater detail and "realism" by artist Adi Granov.

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Picture below: "Iron Man," as he will appear in the upcoming live-action feature film of the same name starring Academy Award Nominee Robert Downey Jr., Academy Award Nominee Terrence Howard and Academy Award Winner Gwyneth Paltrow.

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This concludes "How To Not Suck." Please stay tuned for our next, slightly more-difficult lessons; including "How Not To Fall Down The Stairs," "Remedial Breathing" and "Remembering Not To Cast Jessica Alba In Roles Requiring Speaking And/Or Recognizable Human Emotion."