Thursday, May 03, 2007

Miyamoto makes it! (UPDATED!)

"Time" has closed-down the online-voting portion of it's "Time 100" list, and Shigeru Miyamoto makes it into the top-ten at the wire!

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The democratically-named 92nd Most Influential Person in The World, with his most famous
creations, his creation's friends and a sampling of his greatest accomplishments.

Now, I'm reasonably certain that "Time" doesn't correlate the "online vote" list and the "final list" exactly, but this is the first year Miyamoto was even nominated and placing in the top-10 in reader-votes is impressive as hell... so I'd say it's likely that he'll turn up on the "real" list, too. Either way, this is quite a showing a fan-support for a guy who's been overdue for it for far too long. Kick-ass.

UPDATE!!! Shigeru Miyamoto has made the final list!

For this year's list, "Time" divided the full-100 into five subcategories, with spots 82 through 100 reserved for "Builders & Titans." Miyamoto is placed at #92, meaning that he not only places on the list but lands comfortably in the TOP TEN of his field!

Shigeru Miyamoto. Creator of Mario. Savior of video-games. One of the 100 Most Influential People on Earth. He's earned it.