Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Working Class Hero

Yes, yes, covering "Plastic Ono"-era John Lennon for a Save Darfur album is just about the definition of "not punk rock." Y'know what else is "not punk rock?" Going around saying stuff is "not punk rock." At this point, it shouldn't come as any surprise that GreenDay can put together a metal-tinged mini-epic - but for some reason you still kinda say "This is who? Seriously? Wow."

Anyway; great song, great cover, great cause, great job. It being no secret that there is something really, really wrong with my wiring, however; the first time I heard it the idea immediately popped into my head to make an I'm-mostly-kidding-but-also-maybe-kinda-serious hagiographic music video tribute to the Super Mario Bros. Because they're blue-collar plumbers, see.. and also heroes. And because I grew up in the 80s and have a profoundly skewed way of mentally sorting-out the world around me.

So I did. Enjoy!

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Andrew said...

Hey Bob. Where can I find this vid.? Say's it's been removed... got a link?