Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Holy. Mother. Of. GOD.

Evidence recently brought to my attention by the good folks at indicates that South Korea may be attempting to created - or may have already CREATED - the best movie ever made. It's allegedly called "D-War," an apparent shorthand for "Dragon Wars." Evidence in support of it being, in fact, the best movie ever made, is indicated by the fact that it is advertising itself via the best POSTER ever made:

Here is a trailer for the potential best movie ever made, featuring what I'm told is unfinished (but still pretty impressive-looking) CGI... of MASSIVE FUCKING FUEDAL-ERA BATTLES BETWEEN ARMIES OF KNIGHTS RIDING ON BIG, VARIED DINOSAUR LIKE FUCKING DRAGONS AND A HUGE FUCKING COBRA-DRAGON-SAURUS MONSTER COILING UP A FUCKING SKYSCRAPPER!!!!!!

Ahem. Um... here's another one, with what I'm told (and looks to be) "fresher" CGI:

As of right now, my new reason to live is to see this movie.


Nate said...


Thank YOU for bringing this to my attention. Please don't let this be a joke. I'll have to slit my wrists if it's not.

Nate said...

And I forgot to add, what do you suppose those 2 people in the 2nd trailer did to get the giant cobra so mad at them?