Sunday, September 02, 2007

Gone Baby Gone

Seen below: The rather excellent-looking trailer for the upcoming Boston crime drama "Gone Baby Gone":

Now, here's the question: Even if the movie is as good as it's trailer, and IMO it looks to be pretty damn good, will audiences give it a chance considering the problematic (and, you'll note, completely avoided by the trailer) issue of it being directed by Ben Affleck?

For my money, they ought to. Yes, Affleck has made some awful movies and can be held at least partially responsible for loosing the Plague of J-Lo upon us, and it has been a bit of guilty fun to have him as a go-to movie star turned punching bag lately... but he's a solid actor and potentially an interesting director, so he at least deserves and honest shot at retribution. That said, seeing it in a modestly-crowded Boston area theater tonight in front of "Death Sentence," (which you MUST go see now before it leaves) the audience was majorly "into it" until some of them caught the teeny-weeny Affleck credit right at the end of the names, and then the giggles started. Too bad.