Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy: The Prologue

"Mario" creator and video game patron-saint Shigeru Miyamoto is, famously, infinitely more a gameplay/visuals guy than a story guy. As such, the series' that he either created or shepherd tend to tilt toward classical mythic archetype like "Legend of Zelda" or feature the basic "you are ____ you need to _____" structure of the Mario series. Yes, there are story-driven installments like the "Mario RPG," "Paper Mario" and "Mario & Luigi" sub-series, but the mainline titles tend to shy away from overly-complex in-game narratives and the notion of a larger series continuity is all-but nonexistant. As such, you seldom see a main-series Mario title aim to fit in the kinds of story-advancing cinematic cutscenes you see in so many other "next-gen" games aside from the 'better-than-the-actual-games' mini-movies that tended to open the GameCube Mario Sports titles.

Well, apparently the occasion of Mario's first full-bore platforming foray onto Nintendo's (now officially the top-selling video game console of this generation so far) little miracle-machine The Wii has given them the incentive to OPEN the highly-anticipated game with THIS magnificient bit of gorgeously-colorful, fan-service heavy cinematic, easily the grandest opening for a Mario game ever (for now only available with it's Japanese-language version):

A bustling, re-designed Mushroom Kingdom being carpet bombed!? Kamek the Magikoopa!? Bowser conjuring up what looks like force lightning!? Flying saucers!? And, most-importantly... "Super Mario Bros. 3"-era AIRSHIPS swooping out of the night sky to their original theme music!!?? I've been waiting to see something like that in a Mario game for almost as long as I've been waiting to see something like this:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Joseph Valencia said...

Super Mario Galaxy looks cooler every time I see it. My only complaint is that the ships are not as huge or epic as the original ones in Super Mario 3.

Also, you forgot to point out one thing:

Peach's Castle and the surrounding castle yard is layed out exactly as it was in Super Mario 64, and it's been integrated into this new village area.

Clearly, this a letter of love from Miyamoto to long-time Mario fans.