Friday, February 01, 2008

Remember Cleanflicks?

Seriously, anyone?

"Cleanflicks" kinda dropped off the map after the Federal Courts effectively put them out of business by finding that "religious reasons" WASN'T in fact a circumvent-the-constitution-for-free card, so for a quick refresher see here:

Basically, "Cleanflicks" was a Utah-based Christian video-store chain that exclusively trafficked in self-edited versions of popular movies, apparently founded after the company's founder discovered that an alarming number of people religiously-minded folk were apparently desperate for copies of "Titanic" with the only two worthwhile things in the movie cut out.

Aaaaaannnnyway, good riddance to bad rubbish. Or so I thought. Few days back, the company's co-founder Daniel Thompson - who'd recently opened up a similar Utah operation of his own called "Flix Club" - got himself into a little trouble. What kinda trouble? Let's just say it sounds like we've been cheated out of the best Chris Hansen ambush ever:

So, apparently the guy who runs a Family-Values Video Store mainly did so as a front for him and his buddy to sexually abuse teenaged girls for homemade pornography. Post kinda writes itself, dunnit? Though I will admit, the fact that two young women got raped kinda sucks 99% of the "ha-ha" out of this one.

I should note, for the sake of posterity, that the guy in question (Thompson) was NOT the "actual" founder of the Cleanflicks operation. That'd be Ray Lines, who was apparently not involved in either Flix Club or the Thompson's crimes.


tyra menendez said...

i wouldn't call it rape, when the two girls are actually soliciting. yeah, they're underage, but since they asked an older friend to find guys willing to be "johns", i'd say they had some idea what they were getting into.
so, i'd say all the "ha ha" is still there.

Bob said...

Legally, it's statutory rape. Also, not for nothing, but I'm not engendered to any sympathy for the guys in this case just because the girls were "soliciting" - a 16 year-old girl offering sex for money is obviously not acting rationally and is demonstrably troubled, and it's the responsibility of the adult (in this case Mr. Thompson) to say NO. Simply put, he's a classic predator: Taking advantage of the fact of these girls' situation.

tyra menendez said...

legality and logic aren't always the same thing. for example, if a state doesn't have age of consent laws, the 18 year old shagging his 17 year old girlfriend, is a sex offender. also rationality is a bit subjective. for example, hardcore believers think it irrational that there isn't some kind "master plan" for the earth and the universe, while self-labeled rationalists think the former stupid. or at least superstitious.
i would also say that mr. thompson has plausible deniability on his side - i've seen plenty of 14 and 16 year olds that can pass for older.
now, it may sound like i'm defending pedophiles, but i'm not. my problem is that it's become the current boogie man for america. the only actual study into this online behavior showed that kids that did meet with these older men, invited them. the others just ignore and block anyone who starts asking too many personal questions. basically, it showed that kids aren't stupid. so, statistically, if you want to keep your kid from getting molested, keep them away from priests, not offline.
i'm also not in favor of the sanctimoniously hypocritical actions of this fop in his "good-guy badge" (tho i do think prostitution should be legal - you could keep it in designated areas and keep it off the streets, bring in tax dollars from it, and stop waisting tax money busting non-violent offenders). but that's why it's funny - the people furthest to the right are the ones with the dirtiest of secrets. it seems they all have feet of clay...

oh, one other point - in certain states, it is also considered statutory rape, if the girl in your car is barefoot. yeah, that makes sense. legality is not the final word and that's why the constitution is an important document: because it allows for change. laws have to change with the zeitgeist. laws don't make something right or wrong, they are there to support what the current moral zeitgeist.

JB said...

For the record, Daniel Thompson, nor the other gentleman charged had any direct affiliation with CleanFlicks. A press release with more information can be found at The release details the key points of the lawsuit which has been filed on behalf of CleanFlicks against Daniel Thompson and helps to clarify who the actual founders of CleanFlicks are, and what the lawsuit entails.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that this guy was never really a religious, christian person in the first place. So when people say that it's always the religious freaks that have the "dirty little secrets"...they really don't know what they're talking about.

tyra menendez said...

you have heard, anon? that anything like you have heard that darwin recanted his theory of evolution? which is, of course, utter bullshit - crap made up by creationists to try and give their... side credence.
and what about all the scandals with card-caring members of the religious right? go to wikipedia and look up religious scandals - it's a pretty large section. from televangelists, to small pox infected blankets, to christian "charity" groups that move indigenous peoples off their land so that oil companies can come in and drill, you can bet that anyone sanctimonious, has some dark secret that could ruin their reputation.