Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not dead, Oscars and Hillary Clinton

Yegh. Another week I just kinda forget to post anything. It happens.

Here's the thing: The bloggers who update constantly tend to either be doing in professionally or have jobs where they're at their PC most of the day to begin with. Myself? Not so much. Can't blog from work, not getting paid to do this, so there really are times when I just can't get up the energy to type up a post. Part of this is also just personal preference; I'd prefer this not to be a "Hi, me again, fed the cat, nothing going on" blog because that leads to page after page of nonsense pushing the more in-depth posts/videos off the page too fast.

So, then... The Oscars happened. Not a lot of surprises. Stewart was great. Ratings down again, unsurprising since the nominees were all smaller-release films for the most part.

What else happened... oh, yeah, this:

I bring this up mainly because watching it I realized that this is the first time in my LIFE I've ever actually come close to liking Hillary Clinton. I DON'T like her, I stress. In fact I consider her a fairly reprehensible creature. But in the decade-plus of being aware of her, this bit of business making fun of Barack Obama's cheezy "yes we can!" stump speeches is the only time I've ever nodded along and said "yes, exactly."

(Full disclosure: I'm a registered Independent, will likely go for John McCain because he's politically moderate and the most experienced person likely to run. Could never vote for Hillary, as she strikes me as evil. I like Obama, lame student-council-treasurer style speeches excepted, but I've already done eight years under a wholly-inexperienced president who coasted in on folksy likability so... no thanks. 4 to 8 years from now when he runs again? Different story. He'll probably be a formidable political force by then, and maybe he'll have dropped the starry-eyed tent-revival B.S. too)

Here's the thing, though: I think the witch is absolutely spot-on right here, but this was a BAD move. You NEVER make fun of a popular speech by your opponent, because what you're really mocking isn't him - it's the people who LIKE him. Now, yeah... I happen to think the kids who're actually getting legitimately misty and moved over Obama's grade-school self-esteem-building exercises could USE a little "gimme a break" bop on the noggin... but she needs these them to turn around and vote for HER. Horrible, horrible move and a real sign of desperation.

And yet she's STILL got a 50% chance of winning, because it's WHOLLY possible for her and Bill to engineer a good old-fashioned smoky-backroom super-delegate deal at the convention. Yeah, it'll tear the guts out of the Democrats as a party, inflame American racial tensions in a way not seen since Rodney King and likely disillusion an entire generation of young voters who got swept up in Obamania for ten years or more. It's the Clintons. You think they WOULDN'T do all that for their own gain?

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Joe said...

I think a lot of these people who are getting the vapors over Obama's self-help speeches need to be disillusioned. Since a good old slap of common sense across the face won't work, losing the primary is the only other option. We can't continue to elect presidents based on feel good parochialisms.