Friday, April 25, 2008

"Game OverThinker" update

FYI, I've added the latest episode(s) over at the "Game OverThinker" blog and the YouTubes. Happily, this little side-project has really started to "blow up" over the last few weeks. Take a peek if you're so inclined...

Episode Five:

Episode Six:


Anonymous said...


I linked to this over at Dirty Harry's Place,
You may be interested in what folks said.

Rufus Firefly

Anonymous said...

Doubtful this comment will be read but "The best armies are always the ones fighting for causes worth fighting for," What the FUCK does that mean? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN? Morale is the universal determinant... uhh no, Morale is solely based on the superpowers of "causes worth fighting for..." uhh no, the soldiers of the Soviet Union had a feasible reason for fighting so vigorously in World War 2 (attrition warfare and 20 million casualties or get shot or tossed in a gulag a few years before you might be tossed in there anyway)... uhh no. I liked the first 9 minutes of the review, relatively intelligent, nationalism is not patriotism is not militarism etc (Ayn Rand is not fucking Plato either amirite?), but stop compacting 45 seconds of bullshit disclaimers into the last section of these features.
Some Douche
I suppose I'll just email this comment.