Friday, May 02, 2008

Miyamoto is NUMBER ONE!


Last year, Shigeru Miyamoto - creator of the Super Mario Bros. and the father and modern video games - made his debut appearance on the Time Magazine Online voting poll for "most influential person of the year" and eventually came in at #9. Well, this year's results are in and for the 2008 Online Poll "Shiggy" took the NUMBER ONE SPOT! Beating out both Stephen Colbert and his arch-rival Korean pop star Rain. Kickass.

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MegaTroopX said...

Let's review...This guy:

- Gets to basically be an eternal kid.
- Gets to make art he loves.
- Essentially brings his imaginary friends and their worlds to life.
- Is either rich or not worried about his bills.
- I beloved by million inside Japan and abroad, and has been for decades.

I'd say he's a lucky bastard, if he wasn't so deserving.