Sunday, June 08, 2008

So, where was I?

Being bored, pissed off at work and generally not up to much reviewing. I did find time, however, to take a shot at doing a review of "Sex and The City" in video form, which appears below. If this works alright I may do some more of these. They'll be shorter and less analytical than the Game OverThinker bits, by design, but hopefully as much fun to keep doing. Lemme know what you think:

P.S. A review of "Kung Fu Panda" is one entry down, went up about an hour before this one.


Paul said...

So, I was a bit confounded as to why you would have chosen Sex and The City to do a video review. However, as much as you would like to say that it is "less analytical" I think it was entirely analytical. Sure you didn't choose a theme (like the intersection of gay marriage and video games), but instead chose a movie. A movie in which you ended up analyzing everyone around you, people in the movie and society at large. And I'm glad because it made it eminently more enjoyable and justified your reason for even doing a video review for a movie. Saying, "it sucked" is simple enough in written form.

Love the reference there at the end.

tyra menendez said...

nice dorian gray reference at the end there.
over all, it's a little hard to understand you, sometimes, because you talk so damn fast. honestly, it's like you're related to the micro machines man (i go back and forth between forgetting his name and simply not being able to spell it).