Friday, June 20, 2008

VIDEO REVIEW: The Happening


rlstv said...

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Anonymous said...

First and foremost, these reviews are great. Nice work. Seriously.

An aside, but you should seriously consider calling random people and leaving these as voicemail.

Girl: Who was it?
Guy: Wrong number... and we're not seeing THE HAPPENING.

Secondly, the mind boggles at how many iterations of "black hockey player" you had to search through on google.

Keep on keeping on, amigo. You deserve a wider audience. One note: Could you curse more? Tuck your chain and step up your game, brother. You obviously have a ridiculously agile mind and keen intellect, neither of which is better-served by your ribald underpinnings... mother*&@#$*


Mom née Rich

Scott said...

I really hope the Avatar movie is good. I mean, the source material is 3 seasons of kicking the concept of the "animation age ghetto" right in the jimmy. I seriously hope it doesn't get f***ed up.