Monday, June 30, 2008



tyra menendez said...

personally, i'm just sick of... entertainment makers trying to qualify assassins and other assorted killers as the protagonists with milk toast slogans like the one featured in this movie's trailer. "kill one, save a thousand." give me a fucking break. if you want to make a movie about assassins, then do it. making them likable while knowing that what they do for a living is to kill people, would make them more complex and interesting. instead, we have we have a softening of the entire concept. it makes me yearn for the man with no name. hell, it's enough to make me actually give a tiny bit of respect for the whole "anti-hero" craze in mid-90's comics. at least the majority of those had the balls to stick to their guns.

Striker Z said...

Well, I don't plan on seeing this one any time soon, but hearing it has little to do with Millar's actual comic makes me happy. The more layers between the public and that asshole's prose, the better.