Monday, September 29, 2008

Eagle Eye

Could someone please tell Shia LeBeouf that we like him? That people are aware of his name? That even if they didn't/weren't it doesn't matter because Steven Spielberg has decided to turn him into the next big thing? I don't think he knows - it's the only explanation for why an otherwise fine young star keeps making such awful movies. Between this and "Transformers," he's now starred in two of the worst tech-related action thrillers of the millenium.

"Eagle Eye" is a relentlessly stupid movie with a smart brain, which just means it takes longer to let you down. See how quickly YOU figure out what the "big surprise" is about who the mysterious hacker/terrorist is, and after that see how quickly you figure out that the capabilities we eventually witness make the ENTIRE FUCKING SETUP of the film completely useless. It's a two hour film as LeBeouf and Michelle Monaghan bounce around the country following cryptic messages from the mystery baddies, but it's apparently all too quickly that the whole first 110 minutes didn't logically need to occur. At all.