Sunday, October 05, 2008

New OverThinker episode...

Oops. Totally slipped my mind to post this, but a new Game OverThinker episode is up at Blog Numero Dos:

Also: "Blindness?" Nowhere near as bad as you've heard. Pretty good overall, actually. It's kind of choppy in a narrative sense, and what's left of the now-infamous Danny Glover narration is just SHOCKINGLY awful... but as a super-grim, allegory-heavy spin on the "outbreak" genre it works pretty well. I think for most audiences the big problem - as opposed to all the minor ones that keep it from being especially great - will be the structure: It's two hours long, bangs the first act out in a couple of minutes, settles into what would ordinarily be a bridge-story for the entirety of the (very, very long) second act, then charges into what looks to be an "all hell breaks loose" third act but instead it just kind of drifts into a kind of melancholy ambiguity. Easier to admire than it is to like.

Oh, and while I'm here: Happened to catch the start of SNL as I was getting home tonight. Just lemme say: Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin? Yowza. It's like the Reese's Cup of Hot Librarian Fantasy (y'know, if Peanut Butter was funny as hell and Chocolate was from Alaska and staggeringly obnoxious.)

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tyra menendez said...

weapons-grade retarded: adj.
(from the common, slang usage of retard)
1) a form of retard so unbelievable that it stuns a person, much like a taser or other non-lethal weaponry.
2) sarah palin.