Thursday, October 02, 2008

Punch-Out etc

90% of the time when there's no new post for a day or two, it's because A.) nothing interesting is going on or B.) I'm having a really, really shitty day. Amazing how often those two intersect.

In any case, the 2-Disc "Iron Man" DVD is absolutely worth it, even with the near-criminal lack of commentary, just for the feature-length making-of doc on the 2nd disc. Some pretty interesting stuff in there, most notably a VERY candid Robert Downey Jr. who seems like the most "into-it" actor in any of these superhero movies so far. I mean, it's one thing to READ all the business when it was coming out about how grateful he was for the opportunity, and how seriously he approached the role... it's something else entirely to actually see him talking about it (in stuff taped BEFORE the film had opened and become a major hit) and realize "wow, yeah, he's totally sincere about this.) Also, it's fun to see how much this major-studio film seemed to resemble a seat-of-it's-pants indie production in the actual making: major script revisions post-casting, crisis/opportunity weather, and sooo much awesome footage of actors and stuntmen stomping around in suits of prop-armor. Great stuff.

Speaking of great stuff, Nintendo of Japan just now (as in an hour ago) held a press-conference to show off upcoming material. The biggest news: New DS with camera and mp3 capabilities in 09, plus access to a DS version of the Wii Virtual Console to download oldschool Gameboy games. Most AWESOME news? Apparently, the rumored "classic-franchise revival" for Wii next year is... PUNCH-OUT!!! Yes, Punch-Out with (presumably) Wii-boxing controls. Glorious. Also from the "whoa" department: A new-gen sequel to "Sin & Punishment," the legendary N64 shooter that non-Japan fans only got to (legally) enjoy via the Virtual Console last year. Wow.