Friday, May 15, 2009


Okay, so... for various reasons I couldn't talk about this until now, but now I can, so... Yeah.

Here's how it works: I'm part of a running contest at called "myvidsdontsuck." It's a poll in their forums, pitting various vids against one-another by vote. Mine is competing from today until the 19th agains the very, very funny "Rockumentary" HERE:

Here's the thing, though: IF you want to vote (for either of us) you have to register to post in their forums and then do the voting in THIS poll-thread:

I'll be honest: I'm VERY surprised to be "in this" at all... these other shows are remarkably well-made and funny. But, y'never know, right?


Anonymous said...

My allegiance in this tournament is with you, Bob, but I also really, really like Rockumentary. Hopefully this tournament goes the way of the WWE Diva Search, and we'll see more of these shows later in the year after everyone's forgotten about the contest, lol.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Bob, but that Stahr Trahk review has made you lots of bitter, hateful enemies who will forget all the great things you have done. A Person who builds 1000 bridges and accidentally kills 1 person will be remembered as a murderer. Sad but true. I hope the escapist people dont hear about this contest.
Aragon: You have my sword
Legolas: You have my bow
Anon: and MY vote

Ghostmayhem said...

Hey, congratulations! Round 2's in a few weeks, so good luck once again!
(Keep watching until the very end)

GamerFromJump said...

Your vids don't suck, but ScrewAttack's video player does. If youtube doesn't stutter on my system, why does this?