Sunday, July 12, 2009

Game fuel

Have we all seen this commercial advertising the "World of Warcraft"-branded Mountain Dew?

Okay, in case YouTube is down the gag is that two women (it MUST be said, btw, that they're both in waaaaaaaay too good of shape to plausibly be THIS into either Mountain Dew or WOW) each buying one of the two flavors (red for Horde, blue for Alliance) recognize this fact, covertly draw big-ass medieval weapons and try to surprise-attack one-another, eventually morphing into their respective in-game avatars and going at it all over the store. Cute.

I submit to you that a 90-minute narrative expanding on this scenario is the only reasonable way for a "Warcraft" movie to work. (Or, at least, work WITHOUT just being Lord of The Rings in vastly less-practical costuming.) IMO, sometimes that's the key to these things - find a way to film what makes the property "work" rather than just the (typically-rote) mythos attached to it. See also: A movie about "Magic: The Gathering" ought to be built around various wizard/despot guys amassing armies to conquer big chunks of forest, lake etc. land in order to make their magic work better - until, of course, one of them messes with The Wrong Guy's Village ;)

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Justin said...

This commercial is pretty awesome, but they are definitely too good-looking to be WOW-players. Maybe they own Wii Fit or a DS, but not much else. Seeing this again, I've noticed a ton of funny continuity errors with the one woman's superfluous shopping cart (ostensibly only there to conceal the giant sword before magically vanishing).

Though I'm a definite outsider to the WOW world, I've always thought that their commercial line is pretty entertaining, though it constantly seems to be shooting for demographics that wouldn't touch PC games in a million years.