Thursday, July 09, 2009

Get ready to hate me, folks...

Courtest AICN comes this weekend's geekdom anger-generator du jour:
Apparently on the shortlist of actor's desired for Warner Bros. Green Lantern movie? Justin Timberlake. Let the battle begin.

So... here's something you need to understand about movie geeks and superheroes: Right now, they (okay, we) hate EVERY superhero casting decision until we don't anymore; usually for the sole reason that the role has not gone to Nathan Fillion, who is generally adjudged to be "perfect" for every such role due to having a vaugely all-American WASPy look and having appeared as an action lead for Nerd-God Joss Whedon (see also: David Boreanaz.) But if you REALLY want to get our dander up? Cast someone who's more popular with "the mainstream" and/or tween-aged girls than with us. Which is why I doubt that this is true, because it's "too perfect" of a "rile the fanboys up" scenario.

However, since I'm feeling frisky, let me throw every shred of my film-geek street-cred away and say that I think it'd be good casting.

Yeah, I said it.

No, he wouldn't be my first choice. Yes, I think he looks too young. But then, we think EVERYONE is too young. Hell, Christian Bale is frankly a little too "fresh" looking as Bruce Wayne, yes? The fact is, we all want superheroes to look like our surrogate father-figures no matter how old we get - this is why Alex Ross's paintings are so "iconic": he paints these characters who're mostly supposed to be in the mid-30s at the oldest looking like hard-hewn 40-something John Wayne type dudes who these days ONLY exist in paintings and old movies. Warners is almost-certainly NOT going to cast someone over thirty as the lead in an action franchise.

As to Timberlake... look, we ALL despised NSync. But if you still "hate" this guy, I'm sorry, you need to mentally leave High School behind. He's an extremely talented singer and dancer (not a genre I enjoy, but that he excells at it is a fact) and his SNL stints prove he's gifted actor with great comic timing and real physicality. Not to mention - and I'm aware of the daming with faint praise aspect of this - he frankly has much more of a grown-up "man" look than most other actors in his range. I mean, would you rather they go with LaBeouf, again?

Heck, there's even prior acting experience to point to: Jordan is supposed to be military man, and Timberlake played an Army Rangers vet pretty convincingly in "Black Snake Moan." I'm sticking by this: He'd be well-cast in this role.


Anonymous said...

I actually agree with you moviebob.

There's plenty of worse choices out there.

No doubt about it he's talented. He's what Adam Carolla refers to as a "four-pole threat"

1. Looks
2. Singing
3. Dancing
4. Acting

Comedy we know he can do.But just take a look at "Black Snake Moan" for an example of his dramatic ability. Not bad.

Bryce said...

If this was a Kyle Rayner movie, I'd probably agree with you.

Also, I'm not sure ANY comic fans disagreed with Tony Stark's casting.

Bob said...

"Also, I'm not sure ANY comic fans disagreed with Tony Stark's casting."

Special exemption was granted for Iron Man because Nathan Fillion (or Bruce Campbell if this were the early-90s) doesn't have a mustache ;)

Bryce said...

Fair call Bob, fair call.

Peter S. said...

In total honesty, I think it's well overdue that JT got some kind of acting job that could sustain him in that facet. He is far and away one of the greatest musicians (if you'd honestly care to call him that) who has managed to carve out a successful acting niche. Not only are his appearances on SNL some of the greatest moments that show has provided in recent years ("Dick in a Box" anyone?) but he also has the chops for drama as well which in my mind is evidenced no better than in the criminally underrated "Alpha Dog". He has what amounts to a supporting role that essentially parleys itself into a what could be considered the leading character out of several great talents including Emile Hirsche and Anton Yelchin (Bruce Willis is in it even along with Harry Dean Stanton as his father, you simply don't get better that). But you're absolutely right Bob, JT deserves his time in the sun because it's well overdue.

tyra menendez said...

i disagree. timberlake looks like he's 12, unless he's got facial hair. he has always had a little boy face, no matter the six-pack. gay friend of mine used to have a poster of him, in his room. we folded his head over because it looked photoshopped.
sorry, can't agree with timberlake.

Kyle said...

I think you're right. Timberlake has impressed me in the past. He doesn't seem to slouch when it comes to real work, but he also doesn't take himself too seriously.

Robert said...

Why not give him a chance eh? He's a pretty good actor, hopifully the rest will fall into place. (director, script, etc..)

Gareth Wilson said...

On the youthening issue, what do you think of the new Dr Who? The creators have said that the lead actor can't be older the 40 because of the physical demands of the new series, and next Doctor looks about 16.

tyra menendez said...

the dr. has always appeared younger and younger through each new regeneration. it's like they age, in reverse.
of course i will miss david tenent. i think everyone will. but i'm keeping an open mind about the age since the first dr. was an old man.