Monday, July 06, 2009

Jennifer's Body

Below, the R-rated "redband" trailer for "Jennifer's Body," screenwriter/blogger Diablo Cody's followup to "Juno," evidently based on the STUNNINGLY original premise of a murdered/beaten (raped, also, I infer?) high school cheerleader who "comes back" as a literally man-eating demon (or maybe she was always that way and this "woke it up?" I dunno.)

Here's what's bugging me: Diablo Cody is ONLY famous for ONE thing - her dialogue. Nobody cares (so far) about her plotting, her stories or her characterizations - she's a "brand" based on her ability/prediliction for a writing style in which characters blurt out quippy, ironic, reference-laden dialogue like a belt-fed machine-gun hooked up to Liz Lemon. And that's great, good on her, I liked "Juno," yadda yadda. But in this....

...look: if the whole "hook" of this movie is that it's a teen horror deal but with a focus on Cody's celebrated dialogue... what would possess you to hire a talentless, personality-deficient non-actor like MEGAN FOX for the lead role? I've seen this woman trying to deliver dialogue... it's like watching a quadraplegic try to moonwalk. I understand she's mainly here to stand around wearing vaugely post-orgasmic expressions and possibly pop the twins out... but geez, there are Youtube videos of "talking" cats who can form coherent sentences more ably than Megan Fox can.

And speaking of the dialogue...

"I thought you only ates boys!"

"I go both ways."

Yikes. See, here's the other problem: Cody's style is often afflicted with David Mamet's Disease - in that it ONLY sounds really, really good when spoken in the right way by the right actor. Nobody in this seems to be "the right actor."


FistfulOAwesome said...

You know, when I saw your Transformers 2 review the only thing I disagreed with you on was that Megan Fox isn't hot. After seeing this trailer, I now completely agree with your Transformers 2 review.

Also, I kinda get the feeling that Diablo Cody is a female Kevin Smith.

Justin said...

Yeah, I won't be seeing this film. Juno's insufferable hipster style left me irritated as hell and I'm not ready to sit through 90 minutes of that snarkiness intersected with the already-shittastic world of campy horror.

Juno and other hipster-teen movies like Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist only seem to show me just how fucking annoying the current generation of kids can be. To be sure, the generation-minded films that came out when I was growing up were just as bad (you mentioned 'Reality Bites' recently, but I'll also cite 'Empire Records'). Somebody described these to me as "soundtracks in search of movies" and that's exactly what this new Diablo Cody garbage looks to be. Of course, they have to give you the soundtrack's rundown at the end of the trailer, lest they fail to reel in every ADD-addled teen who pretends to like bad bands like Panic at the Disco.

PatmanForever said...


If she is the female Kevin Smith, this definitely looks like something that could be her Mallrats.

Bob said...

To be fair, "Juno" IMO shows Cody as a much more mature voice in her debut film than Kevin Smith was in his.

You have to give "Juno" to about the halfway mark, but it really reveals itself as something deeper and more self-aware than it seems once you realize that the story is ACTUALLY about real life conspiring to smack some of the smug out it's titular hipster's smart-alecky smouth - i.e. that she CANNOT, in fact, aloofly-snark her way out of every emotional problem. The turnaround the story manages in terms of Juno (and the audience's) view of Jennifer Garner's character feels like something from a veteran writer, not a "new" talent.

Alex Howard said...

I'm hesitant to dismiss Megan Fox outright. Frankly, she's a non-actor because she's been given no roles to act in. Transformers was basically a showcase of her looks, not her lines (even she noted it was "a Michael Bay movie"). Other than that, she's been in bit parts and sitcoms. I'm not sure I'll go see this one, but I'll check the reviews. I'm far more interested about Jonah Hex. If she can hold her own with Josh Brolin on the screen, then we'll see.

As to Diablo Cody, I've only seen Juno so I can't speak to the whole body of her work. She's fairly new, too, isn't she? This is really just a sophomore effort. I liked Juno, but agree that the "hipster" angle can wear its welcome pretty goddamn quickly. Nick and Norah was garbage. I like Amanda Seyfried from "Big Love," so I'm hopeful for this movie, although she's also displayed a pretty narrow range of acting, consisting basically playing teenagers, but at least she does that one thing well. I'm betting on "pleasant surprise" but I'm not putting a whole lot of cash on that bet. Like a dollar.

Sir Laguna said...

mmmm... I hate to say it, but as much a I hate Megan Fox (well, I really don't hate her, I just hate Transformers, I think she was great in "How To Lose Friends and alienate people") I thinks she's perfect for a boy-eating-ultra-hot-cheerleader.

As a fan of horror movies, I'm hooing for the best with this movie (fingers crossed).

BTW, I'm a huuuuuuge fan of your game overthinker videos.

Greetings from Colombia.

tyra menendez said...

yeah, female kevin smith or quintin terrintino.
smith's plots are all rather basic and quintin steals his from asia.