Monday, August 17, 2009

"Inglorious" Marketing

I'm fairly certain I'm "embargo'd" against telling you whether or not "Inglorious Basterds" is good or not until it opens on Friday. So, let me just say this i.e. the film's marketing and how people may be percieving it.

By now, if you're pre-experience of "Basterds" is limited only to it's "official" advertising, you've probably absorbed the notion that this is basically "Kill Bill in WWII," another one-beat "Grindhouse"-style lark about a hit-squad of Jewish-American GI's carrying out a pre-DDay shock-n-awe campaign against Nazis in occupied France. And, depending on how that pitch sounds to you, you're probably letting that imagined-film influence whether or not you plan to see it. Let me be very clear here: STOP THAT.

Imagine if "Pulp Fiction's" trailer had bee nothing but the "action" beats from only Butch's story. That's all I'll say.


Vincent said...

Wow, Kill Bill in WW2 would have been enough for me, but now it sounds like it will be even better than I expected!

underthepale said...

It's their fault for advertising the movie that way, and this imagined movie is the one I'm going to avoid seeing, regardless of if it's anything like the one they're releasing.

Chris said...

Any chance we'll see a review from you? :P