Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thought For The Day 8/17/2009


So... is there a consensus forming yet i.e. Christopher Johnson as THE "breakout" movie character of 2009? Cause... I'm not really sure who it'd be, otherwise.


Vincent said...

His son is gorgeous too. Not too childish or 'kiddy', but still adorable and touching. Kind of like R2D2, sorta.

FistfulOAwesome said...

What about the characters of Up and Zack Galifianakis's character in The Hangover? I'd say they are all (CJ included) great characters.

Anonymous said...

Sam Rockwell in Moon was fascinating... that's all I can say without spoiling it.

Moon and D-9 work well together actually as the only good sci-fi movies of 2009. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was really interested in seeing Moon... too bad it had such a limited release. Im glad D-9 didnt nb have that problem, this movie was better than all the big budget summer "popcorn" flicks of 09.

Anonymous said...

I'm still surprised that the character I've become most attached to in any film in the past year is purely CGI and doesn't even have a voice actor.

I don't really want D9 to have a sequel, yet I want to see more of him.

Ramzeltron said...

I think he may deserve to be THE "breakout" movie character of 2009.
To me anyways.

It's amazing how they made you so attached to a CGI character.
They deserve extra points because they portrayed a CGI character so well. :D