Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Thought For The Day 8/3/09

A popular thing in certain circles these days are trying to get states to pass what are called "Ultrasound Bills." Essentially, these are laws requiring women who're seeking to terminate a pregnancy to undergo and view an ultrasound prior to making their final decision. It's quasi-justified under the theme of requiring "full disclosure" of information; but - regardless of where you stand on the "abortion issue" - I think most reasonable people can see that the hoped-for result (those pushing the bills are pro-life lobbyists pretty-much right down the line) is for patients to be swayed away from abortion by an emotional-reaction to the sight of the fetus moving around. Because, as anyone who has had to commute, work in retail or visit the DMV lately can tell you, the one thing the world DESPERATELY needs is more people in it...

Well, points for creativity to the Quiverfull set, in any case. Know what I'd LOVE to see, though? For a pro-choice group to, in the name of "equal time" put up a bill ALSO requiring women seeking abortions to - before or after the ultrasound - sit in a room with a dozen speakers blasting the sound of high-pitched teething-screams while an automated paintball gun fires volleys of pureed-squash at her face and vents pump in the distinct aroma of a malfunctioning Diaper Genie.

Think the Ultrasound Bill folks would be cool with that? One tasteless, base appeal to short-term emotion-based reaction is as good as another, no? After all, it's just about making sure she gets ALL the information she can, right? ;)


Platinum Dragon said...

Wasn't the ultrasound originally designed to find infections like tumors? Not to help one political party advance their agenda? Geeze, it's ironic. You're using a device original designed to find things you WANTED your doctors to take out, and trying to use it to convince people to keep things in.

Love the counter idea though. Whenever I hear a kid scream the first thing I think after wanting to tell them to shut up is, 'thank Kami i'm not a namekian'.

Adding on the touch and smell, genius, pure genius.

John said...

Ouch. It's hilarious, but...argh, the thought itself makes me wince.

Robert said...

lol, Bob you sly dog with your ideas.