Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New "OverThinker" at ScrewAttack

FYI, my other little venture "Game OverThinker" has it's newest episode up on ScrewAttack. Check it out here, if you like:



Vincent said...

Great vid.

And OMG the first 3 Crash Bandicoot games on PSOne were soooo brilliant and, yes, are soooo overlooked when people think back to the great platformers of the past.

Mark Elmer said...

there making a new 2d sonic!



i actually feel a bit excited, a re-envisioned 'sonic one' would be awesome, as long as they changed it enough so it felt fresh and new.

labyrinth zone babe!

Avaj said...

I guess you have to break things down into a few categories. You have pioneers that did it first or did it right. They can be fondly remembered for starting something. Then you have current things that are popular as long as they are relevant and continue being seen in games. You can probably draw the same parallels with movies and other media.

Sean said...

I can see where you're coming from but really, you didn't like Metroid Prime? Sure the trilogy was an interlude in the grand Metroid mythos, but I don't think anyone could have pulled off adventure-platforming in first person as well as Retro did. It was less of a "me-too" stab at an FPS as it was a dramatic new direction for the series, and I think it worked pretty well.

Of course, that has no bearing on the series' enduring popularity, so as sad as it would be, Samus may vanish into the ether with Commander Keen. I just hope some of the bad goes with the good--Halo is one generic, inert lump of a franchise that deserves to be forgotten, simply by virtue of being so forgettable.

Jer (17) said...

how could they not know miller and gerafalo? i didnt know like 3 of the 10 things you showed give the kids some credit chaplin and lloyd were old when you were a kid too.

Swimon said...

I had no idea who Miller were, but I'm swedish as well as 19 so that has probably something to do with it (I know gerafalo mainly from xkcd^^).

I think your critique of the metroid prime series is rather unfounded though. Metroid Prime is a very diffrent from most shooters. The problem I have with it is that it is a bit to "fan safe" as it mimmicks the earlier games to a fault and adds nothing except a dimension but to say it is "me too" in regard to other shooters is just wrong.

That said I do agree with the analysis that it will be forgotten in time.

The only game that is certain to be remembered is "the legend of Zelda". If nothing else it will always be remembered by scholars as the game that invented save states (on console anyway) AND exploration (it's debatable but it's one of the first and the most iconic anyway).

Ark said...

Metroid Prime was really more about exploration and puzzle solving than it was a shooter(Retro did call it a "First Person Adventure" for a reason). There's also a surprisingly deep story too if you bother to read the in-game logs.

Anywho, I love your work and the Metroid thing is really the first major disagreement I've had with you. Looking forward to the next video.