Saturday, September 19, 2009

spoiler of the year?

I'm largely prevented by various obligations from officially "reviewing" movies I see before they come out, but I'm pretty sure it's okay to just talk about various upcoming movies in nonspecific terms COMPLETELY unrelated to whether or not it's good.

In which case, please take note of the following: If someone begins to try and tell you about "the most awesomest thing EVER in 'Zombieland!!!," you should knock that person out with a shovel before they can finish that sentence. Just trust me on this one.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr.Bob your doing a public service as always,because as we all know only you can plot spoilage.

Drunken Lemur said...

It's that good? Can we expect an Escape to movies?

Mykal said...

That was what I figured when the most recent trailer for it. Revealed that instead of it being a theme park with the idea of there being live zombies to kill, but instead to the standard zombie movie just set in a theme park. Though it is still funny to kill a zombie with the old piano gag.

Too bad it isn't going to be as the first trailer looked like the sports competition movie with zombies. Probably be a decent popcorn flick.

underthepale said...

Spoiler Alert: Bob orgasmed in his seat watching this.

... What? Last time he made a "The Gods Will Smite Me If I Tell You What I Think" post, it was Inglorious Basterds, which he proceeded to nutride.

So yeah. Expect a gushing, glowing, fawning, fanboy-flavored Escape to the Movies soon.