Sunday, September 13, 2009

This won't end well...

Scene from this weekend's (tonight's?) MTV Video Music Awards, which I was actually unaware they were still holding (do they still do the Movie Awards, too?):

(I should preface this by mentioning that, while I'm aware of Kanye West by reputation, I don't think I could name you a song either of these people sing with a GUN to my head and I have no idea what a Taylor Swift is. Wait... Kanye did that one awful song that sampled "Diamonds Are Forever," yes?)

SO... I was going to ask what the over-under is on how long it'll take for this to be made into a "racial" thing, but, that's kind of a foregone conclusion, yes? Teeny lil' blonde white country(?) singer accepts award, hyper-aggressive black musician jumps onstage, grabs mic, declares that award should have instead gone to black female competition... this is pretty much all-but-written, right?

So, instead, two automatic followups: Which "outraged" media "commentator" will be the first to step waaaaay over the line (don't everybody guess Glenn Beck all at once...)? And secondly, which sage-voice-of-reason black-community/music-industry leader will be enlisted to yank Kanye's ass out of the fire? Russell Simmons? Puffy? Jay-Z (who's already involved since Beyonce is his wife)? Or will it be serious enough to go all the way up to Sharpton and/or Jackson? Ooh! Just thought of a third one: Y'think one of the "youth outlet" reporters will try and make a name for himself by asking President Obama what he thinks?


Reese Kaine said...

Heh, if any "youth outlet" reporter tries to ask that question, that's a good chance that kid's career will be over. Obama will probably say something like "We're in the middle of an all-out war over healthcare reform, our economy's just barely recovering, and you're asking me about something that happened at an awards show?", then the kid will get jacked-around from both sides, and pretty soon, no one will take the kid seriously.

As for Taylor Swift, I've had to put up with that song CONSTANTLY while at work (one of my coworkers has a radio tuned to the same damn country station all the time), and I got to thinking: Is Taylor trying to stalk the popular kid who's got a thing for the head cheerleader? It sounds almost creepy, but it sounds like a Disney-issued kids' song so it's perfectly fine!

The video got taken down by Viacom, so I can't comment on the video itself. :-(

underthepale said...

Kanye West has a history of this. During a live charity show on TV for Katrina, rather than read the prepared material, he instead went on a rant about how "George Bush doesn't care about black people!"

One so famous, you could probably Google that line and find it. You'll probably get a lot of YTMNDs, though (and maybe YTP as well?).

Also, his music, which I've unfortunately had to hear, is awful. Oh, no, not the music itself, which is actually talented, spirited, and well-crafted in terms of beat, tone, what have you, but the themes, oh god the themes. He apparently believes that there's a conspiracy against poor black people, both, from the whites and from the rich black.

Also, I do think he's one of the ones who believes that Katrina was part of a genocide agenda against blacks. No, this was just good old US Government incompetence. No conspiracy, just our leaders with their proverbial heads in the sand.

I wish I were making all this up. I probably have some of the details wrong, too, so if someone could correct me- NICELY- that'd be cool, too.

But I stand by Kanye having a history of media blowups.

Anonymous said...

I've been a big fan of your blog and vids for a long time. And once again you were right on the money on this one. I never saw the award show myself, but here it is from wiki:

"At the 2009 Video Music Awards, after Taylor Swift began her acceptance speech after winning Best Female Video, Kanye West appeared on stage, took the mic from Swift and said that he was happy for her, but Beyoncé had "one of the best videos of all time". West was asked to leave the building shortly after his rant. For the rest of the night, every time West's name was mentioned, the audience booed. When Beyonce won the award for Best Video of the Year for "Single Ladies," she called Swift up on stage to "have her moment.""

tyra menendez said...

2:1 it'll be someone on fox. i'm gonna guess o'rly, i mean o'riely. he hasn't been in the shit, for a while.
i'm sure kieth olberman will come out on the side of rationality, but no one will listen. no idea which black-community/music leader will come out. jay-z seems a safe bet, on the surface, but how often does he actually do that sort of thing? outrageous guess would be mos def; say 100:1.

i guess kanye is one of those that pot makes paranoid.

Bob said...

"i'm sure kieth olberman will come out on the side of rationality,"

Why should he start NOW? ;)

tyra menendez said...

admittedly, i don't watch olberman's show, but what i have seen is a calm intellect that doesn't take himself too seriously (like appearing on "the soup").
he seems a lot more rational than beck, hannity, o'rielly, limbaugh, etc. but then i guess that's like making a comparison involving realism and a unicorn.