Friday, September 11, 2009

True Grit countdown begins

According to "Variety," the Coen Bros. are looking to make a second film based on Charles Portis' western novel "True Grit" - it was filmmed once before in 1969 with John Wayne in the lead as one-eyed marshall Rooster Cogburn; the role for which he finally won an Academy Award. The Coen's supposedly want their "Big Lebowski" star Jeff Bridges to play Cogburn.

Well, that's... interesting.

Today, the original "Grit" is mainly remembered for Wayne's Oscar win to the exclusion of anything else - it's a competent "transitional" Western mostly overshadowed by it's similarity to other, better films in the genre (most of them also starring Wayne.) But, of course, the concept of a remake will lead to a major rush to defend or at least reappraise it. For my part, allow me to add my "me too!" to the nigh-unanimous web response of "odd, but I trust the Coens."

Thing is, this stuff is wholly predictable, so I thought I'd start a little informal "countdown" of how long it takes the following things to happen:

1.) Statement from someone on the production on the lines that this "isn't a remake of the earlier film, but rather a closer approximation of the original book."

2.) Snarky "where are we now?" article about the 'decline' of movie heroes from "The Duke" to "The Dude."

3.) Conservative weblog having a pre-emptive COW over the notion of anyone remaking a John Wayne movie and wondering how "Hollywood Liberals" will "use it to trash Wayne's legacy."

tick tick tick tick...


Anonymous said...

I do trust the Cohen brothers with it, that's for sure. On the other hand, I never been a fan of either classic or modern westerns. I'm actually looking foward to the Yddish Policemen's Union movie they were attatched to.

Anonymous said...

"True Grit" is one of John Wayne's best movies. The shootout where Cogburn carries two shotguns is one of cinema's greatest Crowning Moments of Awesome. I'm sure the Coen Bros. movie will be more faithful to the book, which means it will probably be a more somber take on the material. It could work in the modern Western style, and it certainly worked wonders for "3:10 to Yuma," although the source material for that was inferior to Grit.

I will say this: Jeff Bridges is an inspried choice for the Cogburn role.