Friday, October 23, 2009

Escape to the Movies: "Paranormal Activity"

Review of "Paranormal Activity," now up at The Escapist:

EDIT: Here's this week's "Intermission," as well:


Anonymous said...

are you saying you do not like cannibal holocaust?

Anonymous said...

I want to see your review for Law Abiding Citizen, so please do one

Sir Laguna said...

Can't wait for it to hit theaters in Colombia.

BTW, Have you seen [REC]? the camera is actually ultra-shaky, but is damn better than the unnecesary remake "Quarantine".

ThatFellowWithTheHat said...

I have a feeling Paranormal Activity is gonna be REALLY big over here in the UK.

It's advertised before and after every commercial break on a show here called "Most Haunted Live" (About a group who goes out... Bustin' Ghosts, I suppose). The audiences are practically the same so that means... Profit!

Personally, I'm not a fan of horror movies as a whole, I'm a wimp, but I would rather this take off than SAW. Again.

Carter said...

This is not a response to any one movie in particular, but because I feel that you would want to hear that I think you are doing a fantastic job. This is the second piece of fan mail I have ever written, and you deserve it.

This is, of course, based mostly on the fact that you are the first and only reviewer that I have ever found upon whose judgment I can actually depend; the movies that you like, I like also. I make no claims that this make them great art, but it it more wonderful than I can express to be able to point to one specific persona that thinks the same as I do. Whether that makes you right or not is not territory, but I watch your segment every week, and wish that it were much more frequent.

In order to keep my gushing to a minimum, I'll close with: keep up the good work. You are tight, you know both your stuff and your audience. Don't change a thing.



Mike B. said...

It sounds like America was listening. According to Yahoo! News, on its first weekend in nationwide release, Paranormal Activity took the #1 spot, earning $22 million. Saw 6 took the #2 spot, earning $14.8 million.

Just FYI.

tyra menendez said...

shaky-cam doesn't bother me, as a general rule. however, i want the shaky-cam to look like a professional camera operator is behind it, as if they were making a documentary, not something that looks like it was shot by a retarded monkey with cerebral palsy.

lockonandfire said...

Despite it obviously being a conceit to raise the profile of the directors who coined it, I do have to stick up my hand and say that there is at least one good Dogme film and that it's the first one, Festen (or The Celebration). The story of the film is a dark beast already and the acting is pitch perfect the way through, but the lo-fi production values give the whole thing a disturbing veracity. It's uncomfortable to watch in a way that I don't think it would have been had it been shot in a traditional manner, and for its skillful creation of that oppressive atmosphere it has to be applauded.