Friday, October 02, 2009

Escape to the Movies: "Zombieland"

This is a SPOILER-FREE review, just so you know. You will NOT learn "the secret" from me, and if you DON'T see "spoiler-free" on Zombieland reviews I reccomend you not read/watch them.


Chip said...

Left 4 Dead the movie.

Anonymous said...

Okay, there were so many best moments in the movie, I don't know how you could pick just one.

Christian said...

I didn't stay after the credits. Is it true there's something after it?

Robert said...

It was so badass, saw it yesterday. Don't wanna spoil but I wound the name stuff intresting.

Anonymous said...

Bob you said that Zombieland was the first to do this but this is not true. Shaun of the Dead did that way earlier. But maybe it wasn't that popular in the US because it is an english movie.

Bob said...


"Shaun of The Dead" was working a different angle than this. It came out BEFORE the "Zombie Apocalypse" ironic-humor thing had really crested, so it was coming at it from a different area - a romantic comedy set DURING an otherwise normal Romero-style zombie outbreak.

"Zombieland" is the first movie coming out trying to bite off the whole "zombie survival guide"/"what to do during a zombie outbreak" nerd-fetish thing.

Andy said...

While I understand why people enjoy "the big surprise" in Zombieland, for me it was actually the low point of the film. I just felt that it was really unnecessary and while it did bring about some pretty funny jokes it also lead to an incredibly forced weed joke.

It was kind of cool to see it happen, but it really drew the focus away from the main characters and it didn't develop into anything.

Mykal said...

Sounds like a good popcorn flick to pick up when it comes out on DVD. Hopefully it won't suffer the same fate as others in the same vain of people revealing all that is good in the movie in passing in imitation. (Yes I know it isn't true imitation as trying to work the same angle as what they find funny but simply repeating what they find to be funny. Thus killing the movie for those who haven't seen it. It is what they consider to be imitating the movie.Groovy Baby from Austin Powers is an example of this.)

Anonymous said...

I watched this review then went out and rented "Falling Down", really great film thanks for the suggestion...If that had given the go to Joel Schumacher to make a Postal movie instead of fucking Uwe Boll maybe that one would have turned out decent as well. Most entertaining movie I've seen in awhile.

tyra menendez said...

i'm glad to see the ad along the bottom of the video is gone. i really don't mind the ad before the video proper, because it's a free site, so it's kept up with advertising.
i almost had the cameo spoiled for me, at a restaurant, of all places. someone a neighboring booth started talking about it, but fortunately, the guy was too much a stoner dipshit to recall the person's name.

Walter said...

Seriously, whats with the twinkies. Whats going on here that Im missing!?!?

Woody harrelson in the yellow snake skin.

The Yellow sweatshirt when the chick is attacking Columbus.

The Stand in the Yellow hut filled with the white styrofoam from the stuffed animals.

The Yellow Hummer with the guns as cream filling.

The lines on the freeway.

The Yellow concrete posts in front of the grocery store.

Am I just making too much out of this?

If Columbus and Tallahase are twinkies are the girls in black outfits Ho-Hos?

If you have anything approaching a suitable answer feel free to email me.