Monday, October 26, 2009

Haggis quits Scientology

Apparently, this isn't a hoax:

Paul Haggis ("Crash") has publically ditched his 30+ year membership in the controversial Church of Scientology for both personal and political reasons: He resented the church telling his wife to sever ties with her family, and he's furious at the church's support for Proposition 8:


Anonymous said...

Apparently the site is forbidden? xD

RocMegamanX said...

Uh, oh. Anonymous is right. It IS forbidden.

Looks like the CoS got to it first.

Andrew said...

ok so I'm a little in the dark as to why the link to the site has been forbidden. Could some one elaborate on what the "CoS" is, and why this letter is no longer available?

tyra menendez said...


"cos" or "co$" is church of scientology. many internet denizens resent cos, because of certain videos featuring tom cruise that cos had pulled from youtube, citing copyright. apparently, there is some dispute over the actual copyright status of said videos and this has started a small war between cos and "anonymous". exacerbating it, is cos official position of "fair game", which basically endorses any and all tactics against anyone seen as an enemy of cos, even when such tactics would violate ethics codes in professional positions. "fair game" essentially means the church's official position is it's ok to go after your family or sue you into bankruptcy, if they view you as an enemy.
the reason some spell it with a dollar sign, is because of the amount of money involved with, essentially, leveling up, within the church. they call them "ot levels", and it costs roughly $3,000 to reach level 3, which is when you are allowed to learn the official creation story of scientology. the reason it is labeled the "cult of scientology", is because of the official status of cutting off contact with non-scientologist and ex-scientologists, and the financial aspect, as above.
for more information, google.

Gustavo said...

I'd have to wonder how he could stay in the dark about some of the CoS's tactics for 30 years, but one can never underestimate the power of denial.

Still, good to see he's broken out for the right reasons.

Sebastian said...

I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of Harris' work (though "Million Dollar Baby" was a masterpiece), but yay for him.
Apart from the fact that Scientology is evil, pure and simple - it has allways puzzled me how apparently intelligent human beings could fall for a cult that is *so* obviously a sham made up by a fraud. Same goes for Mormonism.

David said...

I'm not a fan of scientology, and had issues with it LONG before the south park ep (which, let's be honest, is how 90% of the people on the internet know what little they know about it), but I always find it somewhat distressing when people refer to it as "evil". As religions go, it's fairly benign. They aren't crashing planes into buildings or bulldozing people's homes or gunning people down in churches.

Is what they believe in stupid and crazy? Yes. Is the organized church full of exploitive assholes with no sense of right or wrong...

But find me a religion that isn't an accurate description of. As a whole it has yet to be a fraction as destructive as Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any other major religion. Well, Maybe Buddhism.

Essentially what I'm saying is that all religions are pretty messed up because they give people license to do whatever they damn well please. And I facepalm every time I see people use a fashionable example (scientology now, Islam in 2002-2004) of how those 'other' religions are bad without looking at their own beliefs.

Laserkid said...

I think the reason people call it evil is because it tries, as a matter of doctrine, to harm those who disagree with them in their personal and financial lives.

When was the last time you saw, say, the Catholic Church try to do this. All religions have bad people, not all religions have doctrine that is THIS problematic

David said...

The last time? No idea. It's been cropping up alot since Ratzinger became pope. Guy seems to live to cause discord. The most famous would also be inquisitions. Followed by slavery and the genocide of the american indigious peoples. The church was FIRMLY in favour of each.

The irish troubles are an excellent example of Catholic religious violence. And protestant as well.

Actually, ANY religion based off of abrahamic teaching has this as a core tenet.

"Though shalt not suffer a witch to live"

The whole of leviticus is essentially a guide for how to abuse those who don't think like you do.

Scientology may use legal/social methods to fuck with peopel (which I do not condone) but other faiths have used much harsher tactics. I'd rather have some nutjob from clearwater suing me than some nutjob from alabama shooting me in the face.

I've yet to see any prominent member of the COS act with the same bile and viciousness of any number of preachers that have become a staple of the religious right.

By no means am I defending Scientology. It just irks me when people pull this holier than thou shit about it being so damned messed up when it has the same basic principles and doctrines of every major religion, just with different names.

tyra menendez said...

but you have to admit, how many religions make you pay three grand just to find out the creation story?
i know christians won't leave you alone with pamphlets and fliers and trying to put their creation story into public schools.
personally, i think they're all crazy.