Friday, November 06, 2009

Escape to the Movies: "A Christmas Carol"


Anonymous said...

You're usually right on the money, Bob, but this time I really must raise an objection. Didn't all the evident love and care that clearly went into making this thing do anything for you at all? Whether you thought they were too zippy for the subject matter, weren't the visuals breathtaking? Wasn't the characterization spot-on? I admired the film's workmanship and deidcation, and had myself a blast watching it unfold. I will, however, give you props for not bashing Robert Zemeckis on all this "dead eyes" malarkey, which hasn't really been at all accurate since The Polar Express.

ThatFellowWithTheHat said...

I'll stick to the Muppet version then. For some reason I love it, I now make it my sole mission to watch it each and every December.

I do admire the work that's been put into this one though... That CGI is pretty damned good, amazing even. Either I've been living under a rock or 3D animation has REALLY taken off.

Avaj said...

It seems like everyone still has 3d immaturity when they make 3d movies. Why is it required to have things flying in and out of the film all the time? Was there a stage when color was introduced where everyone went overboard with it for a few decades? Something nice like WALL-E wouldn't be near as good if they had to throw something at the audience every few minutes.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll be sticking with the Muppets version then.
I have an unlimited cinema card, and I see most things that come out on their release day.. but with this I was just bit held back. I mean, beginning of November? This is Guy Fawkes time, not Christmas time. I'll have to wait a few weeks, if I actually do see it (which I probably will out of bordem)..

Will you be reviewing Fantastic Mr Fox in the near future? I don't know when it's out in the US, though I presume it'll be before christmas.

Anonymous said...

Muppets and Scrooge Mcduck for the win.

I have to say, I hate when a film dumbs down a movie for kid's with slap stick and bullshit (ie. shrek 3, Monsters vs Aliens, etc). I like that you arent giving a circle jerk to it like other critics have.

Maybe a rental for me.

tyra menendez said...

i thought that 3-d gimmick crap went out, in the '70's. yet, here it keeps popping up. 90% of 3-d movies insert cheesy 3-d shots that go completely against the grammar of film and are only there for one reason: whoooo, look, it's coming right at you. zemeckis needs to fall out of love with this motion capture cgi stuff, too. it's getting old.
the rumor is that he's going to use it for a roger rabbit sequel, too. sounds like uncanny valley time, to me.