Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That'll do nicely

Below, the trailer for the Louis Leterrier directed remake of "Clash of The Titans."

I just want to point something out here: The very first thing we see in this trailer is a giant scorpion. Not the stars. Not the locations. Not an important object or even an inkling of the plot. GIANT. FUCKING. SCORPION. I'm sold. This looks awesome.

And why am I apparently the only guy on the web who doesn't find something inappropriate about the heavy metal in the trailer? It's 67 seconds of angry bloody dudes in swordfights with giant scorpions, Medusa and The Gods - this is EXACTLY where Metal is supposed to go!


Anonymous said...

"Titans will clash"?


Still looks awesome gods that was hokey.

Sebastian said...

"this is EXACTLY where Metal is supposed to go!"

Hell yeah! Finally someone gets it!
This was my main gripe with "300", too - they've basically made "Manowar - The Movie" and then give it a *conventional* soundtrack? Not cool guys, not cool.

tyra menendez said...

damn video got removed. =(

300 had a lot of hard rock guitar in the score. hell, i bought the score.
what's that game called, again? brutal legend?

actually, beowulf might have been improved with a viking metal soundtrack. hmm.

Lance said...

As long as they don't do to Bubo what they did to the robot from Lost in Space, I think it'll be ok.
With the boat shot it looks like they are trying to capture some of the atmosphere of original film, which is a plus. I did see some influences from Troy, 300 and Lord of the Rings- I just hope they can pull it all together.

And yeah, lightbunny is right- the "Titans...Will...Clash" is pretty silly.

David said...

Stopped caring the minute I found out the villain of the film is hades. For fiucks sake, zeus was 10 times more villanous than hades ever was in the myths.

Would it kill hollywood, just once to not automatically assume that judeo-christian archetypes can, nay MUST be applied to every fucking thing humanely possible?

He wasn't even in the original as far as I can tell, so they are reworking it for no bloody reason. I dind't mind so much in Hercules, because the house of mouse always butchers the story (case in point, Alladin is actually supposed to take place in CHINA.) and you can't have Hera as the villain without bringing in infidelity. But here they have no excuse.

tyra menendez said...

in xena the villain was aries or mars, if you want the roman name, thus making war the enemy.

Bob said...

Xena/Hercules actually played pretty traditional with the Olympian gods, at least in the sense that they changed sides from "good" to "evil" depending on whatever role was needed at the time - in the later seasons of Xena, Hercules ended up having to kill Zeus.

Mr.G said...

WOW! Just look at those giant scorpions! Those nasty leathery flying creatures! That hideous writhing gorgon! All rampaging around and interacting with the actors! It's amazing the level of sophistication that modern stop motion special effects technology has reached!

underthepale said...

Two words for you, my opinionated friend:

Kull Effect.

Eric Taylor said...

You're definitely right about the metal. When could metal possibly be more appropriate, honestly? (I guess in a movie about metal...)

And while "Titans will clash" is a remarkably dumb line, it still looks pretty awesome.

RocMegamanX said...

I hope it ends up good. I haven't watched the original yet.

But Christopher Lee is in this, so it has to be awesome, right?

David said...

Christopher lee was also in the star wars prequels.

RocMegamanX said...


Yeah, but he was ALSO in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Hammer Studios' Dracula.

So that pretty much outweighs those movies.

Nasim said...
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Josh said...

Holy shit! It's The Used playing the song Bird and the Worm! That's fucking Screamo -- don't kid yourself.

These aren't subtle distinctions. This is important shit! IMPORTANT SHIT!!

Anonymous said...

The metal thing baffles me. It could be reasonably said that around 0.002% of the average population actually likes metal enough to go to a international touring band's gig. So why the f*ck is it used in trailers like this? Is it somethign to do with buff dudes in leather skirts?

BTW, this looks awful. It will be awful. And we all know it.