Monday, December 14, 2009

Damn The Gods

CHUD points the way to a new, longer trailer for the "Clash of the Titans" remake. It's basically a longer, smoother version of the first teaser so most of it you've already seen, and it's also still cutting to that heavy metal track everybody but me pissed and moaned about (drumming scorpion = win) but definately worth checking out for our first official glimpses/confirmations of Pegasus, Mount Olympus and The Kraken - which looks like a fairly elegant solution between the traditional giant-octopus and Harryhausen's four-armed mer-whatsit.

More importantly, the much-maligned "Titans Will Clash" tagline has been replaced by the newer, inifitely more awesome "Damn The Gods"... which now solidifies my earlier inkling that this remake is taking it's cues from "Jason & The Argonauts" in addition to it's official progenitor.
"Damn The Gods." I love that. I LOVE that.


David said...

OK, damn the gods is a pretty good tagline.

Oh and I don't want to be *that* guy, but actually the traditional conception of the Kraken was not an octopus.

The kraken (a norse monster, BTW. No idea how the greeks got associated with it) in its earliest descriptions was actually more crab like, whith some whale like elements. it was occasionally likened and even identified as the biblical leviathan.

Greg Batore said...


On another note, anyone happen to know the name of that that song that is playing to the trailer?

Mr.G said...

I wonder what the greater theological implications of Liam Neeson playing a Jedi master, the Jesus Lion and now Zeus King of the Gods are.

dennett316 said...

This looks great, I loved the original so I'm psyched to see this.

If you don't think this trailer looks awesome....I'm afraid you may be broken inside.

James said...

i never saw the first one, but i looked at the trailer and instantly wondered where Kratos was. Looks like it'll be great though.

underthepale said...

Sorry, the heavy metal music was making me flash back to Kull the Conqueror. I was expecting Kevin Sorbo to come out without a shirt and try to act. Brrrrr...