Friday, December 11, 2009

Escape to the Movies: "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans"

And here's this week's "Intermission," which is all about the film's director/adventurer/superhero Werner Herzog:


Leoja92 said...

Love the way you stuck it to the blind side near the end there god knows someone had to give that movie the jabs it deserved.

Paul Tran said...

Just started subscribing to your reviews on Escapist, up next to Zero Punctuation. Would like to provide feedback on the audio quality though, it sounds really tinny like you're using your Macbook inbuilt microphone or something.

If you are, I reckon it'd sound heaps better if you use one of the more pro microphones like the ones podcasters use.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob I love your stuff and I loved this review, do you think in the future you might get a chance to talk about the princess and the frog I would love to hear your take on it.

Dav3 said...

I wanted to say thanks for the Werner Herzog suggestions in your Intermission column. I've already got Fitzcarraldo in my Netflix queue and I'll be adding to it now

Also, props for spreading the word on Klaus Kinski. Jack Nicholson at his craziest is as cuddly Mr. Rogers in comparison to Kinski.

I had never even heard of him 'til I happened to catch a ridiculous 5th-rate slasher movie called "Crawlspace" on late-night TV. Then a few days later, I saw him in the shockingly good no-budget flick "Android" Both performances completely blew me away.

I guess my point is, if his obscure stuff is this good, I can't wait to see the stuff he's know for.

Anonymous said...

I HAVE to see this movie.XD I was sold on "his soul is still dancing". What a line.