Friday, December 04, 2009

Escape to the Movies: "Ninja Assassin"

And here's this week's "Intermission," which is about "Blind Side." Because why not?


Tom said...

While I concede that the subtext was intentionally left open to interpretation, I always figured that the giving tree was about something closer to parenthood than an unbalanced romantic relationship. I suppose it's possible that children might walk away from that story with the wrong message, but I'm pretty sure the reader is supposed to empathize with the tree and resent the boy a little bit, at least I did when I was a kid.

The only thing I disagree with concerning Ninja Assassin is that I don't think it looks all that great. I think the special effects are generally goofy and distracting and that the choreography tends to be mediocre, badly cut, and often shrouded by darkness. I understand that ninja's tend to fight in darkness, but fight scenes tend to be uninteresting if you can't tell what the hell is going on, regardless of context.

Like your work. Keep it up.

Robert said...

Sup Bob,

Been a fan of yours for a long time, it's once again, another great review. Even the apparent slacking-off reviews still require so much thought and analysis on your part, good shit man.

On the subject of Ninja Assassin, I havent seen it, but I plan to. I feel like I should try to defend it. Hear me out tho. We all know there are many movies that lack story and plot and are just about the action. Similarly in music, there are planty of songs that lack message, those are party songs. Feel good types of entertainment. While I'm not here to debate on if these types of feel good entertainments are good, I'm saying, there's indeed such a thing as a good feel good piece of work and a bad feel good piece of work.

You should agree that there are good party rap songs and bad party rap songs, just how it is. I want to argue that Ninja Assassin is a good feel good piece of work, a good action film. This is because it's different, it's not just another action film filled with gunfights like Shoot em Up, Wanted, etc. It's not another action film that pretends it can tell a story like Transformer (I feel like the Transformer series, they should have focus on other things. Also, human weapons shouldnt hurt the big robots, wtf.) Ninja Assassin just sticks to a simple story of someone being wronged, revenge, kicking a lot of ass with kunais on the end of chains and shit. I respect that. While I suppose if there were 12 other Ninja films out, Ninja Assassin would be shitty, but there arent.

In fact the very name of the film, Ninja Assassin screams, LOOK AT ME, IM A DIFFERENT ACTION FILM THAN OTHER ACTION FILMS. Almost a pun on itself. Why name it Ninja Assassin? A name that makes the story of the film so obvious that it's gonna be about ninjas and assassins, it's because there arent any other films about ninjas and assassins out there.

But I digress. :P Take it easy, Bob. Keep up the great work that you do.

Mike savage is awesome said...

I couldn't have said it better than Tom
(the first comment)

Anonymous said...

Bob, I found this review to be especially humorous; and whether or not this was intentional - I appreciate not having to listen to the obnoxious censoring. Keep it up, I look forward to these videos all week. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bob as well as the comments. Not a very interesting comment, I know. But since I haven’t seen the movie yet there isn’t much I can do, but I have a feeling I will watch it.
BTW. That isn’t an anti aircraft gun that Rambo uses. It’s a .50 cal machine gun. Its primary purpose is to take out unarmored vehicles, but it works on people as well. Not that anyone cares, keep up the good work Bob you rock.