Friday, December 11, 2009

The moment?

The critics are starting to see "Avatar," (no, I haven't yet) and the early world is damn-near through the roof... EXACTLY the kind of feedback this particular movie needed to hopefully turn around all the "Dances With Smurfs" negativity that's been building around it since people first got a look at the plot. So... is this when it happens? Is this "Titanic" all over again, where everyone was sure it was a disaster in the making and then everything comes together when it finally shows?

I dunno... but thus far the most important report I've been waiting for was from Jeff Wells, who's probably the most stridently anti-fanboy, anti-genre-blockbuster guy doing movie-blogging right now - the epitome of someone who's just NOT looking to show kindness to a $300 Million mostly-CGI tentpole about blue aliens and marines in mecha-suits. Well, as of this morning... he's calling it a masterpiece:

In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Wells react this way to this sort of movie. Overnight, he's gone from one it's cheif nay-sayers to proclaiming that it will get (and deserves to get) a Best Picture nomination:

What does this mean? I dunno, but it's unexpected and definately gives me a good feeling.


Dustin said...

Have you seen this yet?

Anonymous said...

After all the bad prerelease press I was getting worried. After seeing how amazing the world that was created looked, I didn't want to have to sit through a bad movie just to experience it (I would have, though). I'm glad people are changing their tune. It'll make it easier to find people that want to go now :D

Anonymous said...

Its kinda hard to deny James Cameron good movie track record. I mean Terminator, Aliens and I think he even wrote the screen play for Rambo First blood 2 but I could alway be wrong.

David said...

I never got the hate for avatar. I never really got the hype either. It's cameron so you know it will be good, but you can bet it won't be as good as terminator 2. To this day i don't understand why this is supposed to be anything more than a fun sci fi romp that's sure to be emulated by lesser directors for nearly a nearly everything the dude has done.

But so many people online seem to WANT the movie to fail....I don't get it.

tyra menendez said...

though now, it has another problem: overcoming it's own hype.

as an aside, how can you call something live action, when 70% or more of what's on screen is computer generated? that's an animation hybrid.

Bob said...


I think A LOT of it is that lots of the web-set folks are INFINITELY harder and more skeptical toward stuff they want to like.

They LOVE to get onto something early, decide it's gonna be awesome and hype it THEMSELVES (see: District 9)... but when a studio says up front "you've been waiting for this and you're gonna LOVE IT" a defensive wall goes up because such talk reminds us all of a 20-years-coming gut-punch called Phantom Menace.